Some Genealogical Research from Europe

Mariska Meester – Delft | Holland

Hello, I´ve done some research on my family and have collected quite a few names. There is a little bible in our family with names in it, that goes back 6 generations. It begins with a girl that got the bible in 1845. Her name was Grietje Jans Kelderhuis and she was born in february 1823 (died october 1874). On may 1 1849 she married Gerriet Geert Meester who was born in june 1822. They had six children. I’ll give you there names, the day that they were born and the places where they were born (They are little villages in Friesland which is in The Netherlands = Holland) and if known when they died:

Grietje Gerriet Meester, born september 11, 1849 in Strjallebert.

Hendrikje Gerriet Meester, born november 28, 1851 in Terbant. Died januari 22 1856 in Luingebert.

Albertje Gerriet Meester, born august 28, 1855 in Luingebert. Died april 19 1878.

Jan Gerriet Meester, born july 5, 18..? in Terwispel. Died september 11, 1859 in Terwispel.

Jan and Geert G. Meester (twins), born october 16, 1860 in Terwispel. Jan G. Meester died in ocotber 19 1860 in Terwispel.

Geert G. Meester married a girl whose last name was Vermeulen (he died in 1931). He was the owner of a capenter´s yard (making ships) in Oldeboorn. About the turn of century he went bankrupt and moved with al his children to Delft (the place were I live now, near to Rotterdam) to work there on anothor carpenters´s yard. He had nine children. I have only their names, maybe there is a way to find out their birthdates but I don´t know that yet. The names are: Gerrit Meester, Iepe Meester, Jan Meester, Louw Meester, Bet Meester, Tine Meester, Iepke Meester, Griet Meester, Roeke Meester ( the last five are girls).

Louw Meester Married Hendrika Cornelia Sonneveld. They had five children. Again I have only their names (except of one, my grandfather), but maybe can find their birthdates. The names of the children are: Gerrit Meester, Katrien Meester, Jan Meester, Piet Meester, Janny Meester.

Jan Meester is born on june 16, 1914 in Vrijeban (Delft) and married on august 22, 1941 to Cornelia Kalden who was born on november 8, 1921 in Leerdam. They had three children: Louw Meester born on august 24, 1942, Jannietta Meester born on december 27, 1946, Bennard Meester born juli 2, 1950. They were all born in Delft.

Louw Meester married on november 10, 1965 with Marijke Mol born september 6, 1945. They have two children: René Jan Meester born on juli 31, 1967 in Delft and Mariska Meester (me) born on october 10, 1972 in Delft.

Bennard Meester married Marga Aarts. They have two children David Meester born on april 14, 1972 in Delft and Natasja Meester born on june 10, 1975 in Delft.

And there it ends for now. I hope you satisfied with this info. If you have some info about the meester family, I would like to have it too. Maybe we are related closer then we think (?).

Bye for now and hope to hear from you soon.